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Q. What does the ‘N’ in the product description mean?
A. The HW251N differs form the HW251 because it has a noise cancelling microphone. This simply means that the caller will hear much less background noise, whether from your office, coworkers, or other general noise around you. The microphone is more directional – picks up your speech path more clearly - and employs additional technology to reduce outside noise.

Q. What is the difference between the ‘HW251’ and the ‘HW261’ headset models?
A. The HW251 models differ form the HW261 models in that they are one eared (monaural) headsets while the HW261 models are two eared (binaural) headsets. Two eared help the user to concentrate on the call more effectively.

Q. Do I have to take off the headset when I want to leave my desk?
A. No, the headset has a down lead that connects via a clip to the lead from the phones or PC. The just unclips very easily.

Q. Can I use the Supraplus range of headsets with my PC?
A. Yes, you require the USB or other compatible PC lead. Please call us for clarification on the correct lead.

Q. Will the Supraplus headsets work with my Avaya 1608i phone?
A. Yes. There is a specific lead for this called a HIS lead. Contact us if you have any doubts.

Q. How can I tell if this will work with the phone I have on my desk at work?
A. We have a very simple compatibility guide you can use on our website. The link is as follows: Headset Compatibility Guide

Q. I prefer to have a headset with 2 ear pieces – one on either side for - both ears. Is it possible to get these?
A. Yes. You need a Plantronics HW261 or HW261N – please see our website at Plantronics HW261N Supraplus Wideband

Q. I bought this headset to work with my Avaya phone. I checked and have bought the correct connection cord, but the volume is still low. Can you help?
A. Thanks for your question. It is a recognised problem, and the following is from the Plantronics official website;

HW251N/HW261N Troubleshooting: Low receive (listening) volume

The receive volume is low on a Plantronics HW261N/HW251N headset when used with Avaya 96X1 (9621,9641,9611) or 9608 phone with H323 6.1 SP1 firmware. What is the issue?
Avaya has confirmed that this is a phone firmware defect. Avaya has addressed this issue in their latest firmware release H.323 6.2. This fix has been verified by Plantronics.

Hopefully with this you can solve your problem, but if not, please contact us.


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